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New to Torn World? Find out more about our shared-world project here!

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What are Credits?

Credits are a monetary way to reward our members for their contributions and support. For non-monetary rewards, see Karma.

Credit is Actual Money

A Credit pledged to an artist or author is an whole, actual, real American dollar in their pocket. 100% of their earned Credits go directly to that contributor.

Credits are generated by Supporters, who pay to receive access to the full content of the site and to support the artists and authors who are providing that content. Most of that fee is turned into Credits, which they can pledge to any contributor at the site!

How to pledge Credits

On each page you visit, you will see your current Credit and Karma count. To 'spend' it, find something you particularly appreciate, and look for the 'pledge Credits' link. Click on that link to pledge your Credits.

You will go to a verification page that will give you some options. You can, at this point, pledge the Credit to that particularly story/artwork, or pledge it generally to that author/artist. They get the money, either way, but you can encourage a particular storyline, or express your admiration for a specific piece of artwork to pledge Credits to it directly. You can also change how many Credits you want to pledge at this time, and whether you want the recipient to know who you are or if you wish to be anonymous.

On collaborative work, you will have the option to pledge variable amounts to any of the individual creators.

Danger! Credits will expire! Unpledged Credits will be put into the general site upkeep fund. You'll get a bunch of reminders to spend your Credits before they expire, but make sure that your email address is current so that you get these reminders! Credits expire one year after your last Supporter's subscripion expires.

(Remember, you can earn Karma for spending your last Credit - we want to encourage you not to hoard them!)

How to earn Credits

All active contributor accounts are eligible to receive Credits by default. Contributor names are listed publicly, and biographies are available to all registered members. Their general site contributions, including all stories and all artwork as well as special projects they've been involved in, will also be listed on these pages, so that Supporters can browse the eligible members and make informed choices. Additionally, all Canon work has 'Pledge Credits' links to get specific work supported. Specific, complex projects are also eligible for specific support. The Ancient language, for example was created by a team of linguits, and they will be listed with 'support these contributors!' links at the language resource document.

Please note that although Credits can only be pledged on Canon pieces of creative material, Credits can be pledged directly to Contributors who have no Canon work. They must have at least one piece of material published at the site, Canon or Non-Canon.

How to redeem Credits

Current Credit balances will be available to Contributors through the site. Credits may be cashed out via Paypal at any point that a contributor's Credit count is over $10.00. Any Contributor who leaves Torn World for any reason will receive payment of their remaining Credits as their account is being deactivated.

Credits that cannot be paid to the Contributor because their contact and payment information is inaccurate and contact cannot be made is forfeit after one year of lost contact. (within that year, they can come back at any time and request payment.)

Credit is not intended for direct reciprocation (you give me credits, I'll give you credits). Contributors caught using credits in this fashion may have these credits removed from their accounts.

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