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New to Torn World? Find out more about our shared-world project here!

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What is Karma?

Karma is a non-monetary way to reward our members for their contributions and support. For monetary rewards, see Credits.

Karma for being Registered

Just for registering and keeping your account active (which only requires logging in once a year!), you will receive a karma bonus which depends on the length of your membership each January.

We also like to give out random karma on special occasions and holidays, just for fun! Keep an eyes out at the forums and sign up for the mailing list to be sure to take advantage of these opportunities!

Karma for Contribution

Contributions of art earn 10, 15 or 20 points, depending on whether the art is a sketch, a finished piece, or a special effort piece. In general, a sketch has minimal background, little shading, no inking. A finished piece can be black and white or color, but must be a complete, self-standing piece. A special effort piece is tagged by the art board as something showing outstanding effort (for example, time consuming detail or including multiple characters and a background). There is no cap for karma earned by art contribution. All work accepted to our site, canon or non-canon, earns karma.

Contributions of fiction or poetry earn 5 points per thousand words, with a minimum of 10 points. Very long pieces will be broken into parts, and each part will receive karma independently. There is no cap for karma earned by fiction and poetry contribution. All work accepted to our site, canon or non-canon, earns karma.

Members may also create characters for the world to earn karma, at a rate of 10 karma per character. They may only create as many characters as they have months of membership. For example, if you've been a member for 3 months, you may create 3 characters and earn 15 points. You may only have one character before the character review board at a time. For more information about characters, see the Character Creation page.

Members who turn forum discussions into full resource articles can earn between 10 - 15 points of karma per article, depending on length. Members who contribute information and input to those discussion earn between 1 - 5 points of karma and will be listed as 'developers.'

Members who contribute to the world-building end of the project will be awarded points monthly, depending on their activity, in addition to karma earned from discussions turned into articles. World-building karma will be decided by the forum moderators, between 1 and 15 karma per month.

Staff positions (character, story or art board, updating the world-building wiki, moderation at the forum, etc.) also earn karma, by pre-determined rates. Ellen makes final decisions on these Karma awards.

Karma for being Involved

Commenting on fiction and artwork at the site earns you 5 point per comment. There is no cap on comment karma, however, comments be simple 'wow!' or 'yay!' style comments, nor can they be copy-and-pasted or repeated exactly between comments.

Being involved in discussions at the forums can get you teamwork karma, awarded on a case-by-case basis by the forum moderators.

Exceptional examples of teamwork and contribution can be awarded by site administrators to a maximum of 10 karma per incident.

Karma for Promotion

You can receive karma for promoting Torn World offsite - by linking to it, blogging about it, helping to design advertising, donating advertising space, or recruiting new members!

For a full, current list of karma rewards for promotion, see the promotion forum. All decisions on awarding karma are made by the Promotion board moderators.

What can you DO with Karma?

Karma can be used to purchase perks at the site, or give your fellow contributors pats on the back when you can't offer them monetary rewards. You can trade karma with contributors for favors or just for fun, or spend them on specific items.

You can spend 30 karma to read a supporters-only piece for free!

You can spend 400 karma to receive a 3-month supporters account. This account does not include any credits. See the Supporters Page for more information about perks that come with these accounts!

You can spend 40 karma to adopt a character, and may spend 100 Karma to support them for a year (if you do not create material to support them instead). For more details about character ownership, please see the Charater Creation page.

You can spend 300 karma to adopt or create a permanently owned character that you never need to support, if you have a supporters account or provide 3 canon-accepted pieces for that character. For more details about character creation, please see the Character Creation page.

You can spend 200 karma to receive 25% off of any Torn World merchandise order. (This is your total discount, it doesn't add to a 10% Supporter's discount, sorry! It also does not apply to wholesale pricing.)

See the Karma Spending Page for more options!


Torn World does not take responsibility for any transactions involving Karma that occur between individuals, including for cash or real goods, and puts no official cash value on Karma. All individual Karma transactions which are not site functions are entered at your own risk.

Karma is not intended for direct reciprocation (you give me karma, I'll give you karma). Contributors caught using karma in this fashion may have this karma removed from their accounts.

If there is ever a problem with spending, receiving or sharing Karma, please contact the Torn World staff. We will do our best to resolve it!

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