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New to Torn World? Find out more about our shared-world project here!

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Subscription and Donation Page

Subscriptions may be purchased for others! Simply contact Ellen and let her know who they are intended for!

For $5 Subscribers receive a one-month subscription to the site. They receive 4 Credits to pledge, and 15 points of Karma.

There is also a 6-month subscription, for $25. Subscribers receive 21 Credits, and 100 points of Karma.

A one year subscription is $45 and the subscriber receives 40 Credits, and 200 points of Karma.

Auto-subscribe to Torn World on a monthly basis. This option will debit $5 directly out of your paypal account every month.

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Subscriber Benefits

Subscribers have access to all of the creative material at the site. A number of stories and poems are reserved for subscribers only. See a list at the subscribers-only page.

All subscribers receive 10% off of all Torn World merchandise and publications, and other special offers.

Anyone who is a subscriber for a total of 24 months (not necessarily consecutive) will receive an 'assasination coupon,' allowing them to arbitrarily kill off any character who is not owned by another member or a non-adoptable NPC. See the Character Page for more information.

Already auto-subscribed and need to stop your subscription for some reason?

Purchase credits

Purchase credits without subscriptions! If you've already got a subscription (or don't want one, for any reason!), you may also purchase Torn World credits directly. The difference in cost versus credits received reflects the fact that we are assessed fees to process your payment.

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Donate to the Webpage

New! If you'd like to help fund the webpage improvements and cover hosting costs, you may donate directly to Ellen, who covers all of this out of pocket.

Click to make a donation of any quantity via Paypal:

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