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Torn World Timeline

Timeline of events for Torn World. Events are sorted earliest first. Display latest first

0 Upheaval..  Article: Upheaval, Ancients and Sundered Times Show spoilers.
1.01.01 Initial documents of the Upheaval are written
1265.01.01 Mayaloi are assimilated as a slave race. Show spoilers.
1271.03.05 A strange animal follows Gliver home. Supporters only: ("Spunkey Shines", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1275 Article: Imalye Show spoilers.
1275.01.01 (undeveloped race) assimilated Show spoilers.
1295.01.01 The Great Famine Show spoilers.
1310.01.01 Duurludirj are assimilated peacefully and swiftly. Show spoilers.
1328.01.01 Slave races are granted rights as Empire citizens, as they see the advantages of having more cooperative relations.
1344.01.01 Yasiluu are assimilated. Show spoilers.
1350.01.01 Rail is developed and begins to spread.
1359.01.01 (TBD) assimilated.
1386.01.01 Raalyan (Riilass swamp) assimilated. Show spoilers.
1419.03.05 Gludara meets the great love of her life and must fight to keep him safe. ("Forbidden Love", E. Barrette (Writer), M. Ellington (Patron), A. Margetts (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1435 Ibabesh is assimilated. Show spoilers.
1440 Glifai are assimilated. Show spoilers.
1445.01.01 (unnamed group that used to be considered Northerners) assimilated. Show spoilers.
1468.03.22 A beautiful blinkbird pin is created. Supporters only: ("The Gaudy Eye", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1469.06.01 A blinkbird pin is gifted to Yoilosh. Supporters only: ("The Gaudy Eye", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1470.01.01 Time crystal technology is developed.
1470.09.15 A blinkbird pin is found at the scene of a riot. Supporters only: ("The Gaudy Eye", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1474.01.01 Ibabesh bridge built.
1485.09.17 Ivara takes Dlameda, Marai, and Inama to clear and reset the traps, and they find more adventure than they expected. Supporters only: ("An Afternoon Made of Stories", D. Murphy (Writer), M. Goldberg (Inspiration), A. Margetts (Inspiration), T. Sturtevant (Inspiration), J. Douglas (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1490 Time crystal technology becomes more commonplace and starts entering private homes.
1491.10.15 Rai and Bai visit a medic with their mother to get glasses. ("Spectacles", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron), D. Murphy (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1492.01.11 Rai and Bai face their first day of school. ("Clouds in the Morning", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Editor)) Show spoilers.
1493.00.01 Bai and Rai learn to play the harmonichron. ("The Flight of the Rose Butterfly", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Illustration)) .  Rai and Bai watch fireworks with their father. (A drabble) ("Fireworks", E. Million (Writer), M. Ellington (Inspiration), E. Barrette (Illustration))
1493.01.12 Ardeth is courting Beqash, but it's not going smoothly. ("Breaking the Ice", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1494.05.30 Bai and Rai play a game at home. Supporters only: ("Words Between Brothers", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1494.09.17 It's a boring winter day, until Amaqor of Itakith comes into Nighthawk House to tell the rangers it's time for an ice-fishing expedition to Drum Lake. ("The Rangers’ Dance — The Big Secret", D. Murphy (Writer))
1494.09.18 Yarleda and the rest of the rangers arrive at Dream Lake, and she discovers why the others have been calling it Drum Lake. Supporters only: ("The Rangers’ Dance — Drum Lake", D. Murphy (Writer), Martin Greywolf Murphy, inspiration)
1495 The barrier between Lichenwold - the last barrier between the Empire and the North - drops. Weather change for the worse in the North.
1495.01.05 Karavai, Tekura, and Ularki want to become age-mates. Supporters only: ("The Ties We Twine", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1495.09.18 Bai and Rai do a writing assignment for class. Supporters only: ("One-Tick Literature", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1496.02.07 Shrana tries to tell a story (a drabble). ("Attack of the Others", E. Million (Writer), E. Barrette (Inspiration))
1496.02.11 Spring meltwater turns a path into a raging torrent. ("Tobern Climbs", V. Higgins (Writer))
1496.02.27 A young Ressa wrestles with her future. ("Invasive", E. Million (Writer), D. Murphy (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1498.03.11 Karavai, Tekura, and Ularki find a way to play together while sharing a single toy. Supporters only: ("One Toy for Three", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1498.05.02 High in the Breida Mountains, a goat girl dances in welcome silence, until a mysterious danger known to her ancestors (and laughed at by Empire scientists) threatens. (Reprinted in Broad Spectrum: The 2012 Broad Universe Fiction Sampler) ("Dance To Fend Off The Sky", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1499.06.03 Rai-Kunabei takes time out from school to do readings on market day in nearby Tiffikumiyi, and has to figure out what to do when her traditional spot is already taken. ("Dragon Oak", D. Murphy (Writer), M. Ellington (Patron))
1499.07.10 A young Kalitelm studies anatomy with Dlameda. ("The Bones of Need", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Patron))
1499.09.09 A warsailor widow finds it hard to go on. ("Tides of Blood and Music", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron), E. Barrette (Inspiration), M. Ellington (Inspiration), D. Murphy (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1500.00.04 Iremima handles ice for the first time. ("Ice", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1500.03.09 Dulsa comes back from a summer fishing trip wearing the bead of the young man her sister has a crush on, only to find her sister is now an adult. Supporters only: ("Bead by Teilgon", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Barrette (Inspiration))
1500.06.08 Fala and her young agemates have an adventure while picking blackberries. ("Fala the Leader", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Editor)) Show spoilers.
1501.04.15 Fala and her age-mates celebrate their first anniversary together. Supporters only: ("Their Age-Set Anniversary", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1502.01.11 Nleimen attends First Form and begins breeding pet mice. ("Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journals (Part 1: First Form)", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1502.04.15 A young Ressa gets a visit in the city from three of her siblings. ("The Perfect Visit, Pt 1", E. Million (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron))
1502.04.16 A simple visit begins to go terribly wrong... ("The Perfect Visit, Pt 2", E. Million (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1503.03.30 Karavai reassures Ularki that it's all right to be odd. ("Odds and Ends", E. Barrette (Writer), T. Sturtevant (Patron), A. Margetts (Inspiration), E. Million (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1503.06.02 Karavai, Tekura, Ularki, and their age-mates face the final phase of their adulthood tests. Supporters only: ("The Rats", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1504.04.12 Eshra faces challenges due to her late-maturing body. Supporters only: ("Cutting Time Part 1", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1504.04.19 Eshra faces challenges due to her late-maturing body. Supporters only: ("Cutting Time Part 2", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1504.06.30 Fala and her age-mates play a game using nuts. Supporters only: ("Lookbacks", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1505.01.30 Nleimen attends Second Form. She begins taking art classes and seeks to establish the squiggle mouse as a breed. ("Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journals (Part 2: Second Form)", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1505.03.06 Eshra keeps watch over the snow-unicorn herd, tending this year's foals. ("On the Rocks", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1505.06.29 Malaamig chooses a new working companion. ("Breeding", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1505.06.30 Malaamig struggles to get his new puppies home. ("A Challenging Commute", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) .  Malaamig gets his puppies home to meet Larli. ("Worth It", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1505.07.04 A boy with broken tokens comes into Flavai's shop. ("A Broken Token", K. Webb (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration))
1506.05.06 Kalitelm thinks Tobern is not looking after his feet. ("What Tobern Needs", V. Higgins (Writer))
1508.01.26 Birka's age-set takes their first set of adult tests. Supporters only: ("Never Traveling Alone", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1508.02.28 Fala and her age-mates are growing up. Supporters only: ("Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands: Part 1", E. Barrette (Writer))
1508.04.08 Fala and her age-mates take the adulthood tests at the summer gather. Supporters only: ("Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands: Part 2", E. Barrette (Writer)) .  Fala and her age-mates celebrate passing the adulthood tests. Supporters only: ("Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands: Part 3", E. Barrette (Writer))
1508.04.30 Fala debates her future as a ranger. Supporters only: ("Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands: Part 4", E. Barrette (Writer))
1508.11.09 Krai talks to Marth about what happens after death. Supporters only: ("Talking Ghosts and Family", K. Webb (Writer), L. Lawlor (Inspiration))
1509.01.21 Nleimen attends her first three years of Third Form. She chooses the Science track but also takes a few Trade classes at the Domestic Animals Guild. ("Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journals (Part 3: Early Third Form)", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1510.01.22 Bai has every intention of firing his Head of Files. Supporters only: ("Honestly", E. Million (Writer), M. Goldberg (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1510.02.17 Jramela dreams of entering the design contest for a City of Lights building, and her friend, Iri, volunteers to help. ("Going Somewhere, Someday", D. Murphy (Writer))
1511.02.15 Areluu and her age-mates choose which game to play. ("Winning the Game", E. Million (Writer))
1511.02.16 Birka prepares for childbirth. ("Birthing", E. Million (Writer))
1512.00.04 Nleimen attends her last two years of Third Form. ("Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journals (Part 4: Late Third Form)", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1512.04.06 A routine trip to clean out pipes turns into much more... ("Colors of Change", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1512.05.09 Krai thinks about food. Supporters only: ("A New Recipe", K. Webb (Writer), K. Tyler (Inspiration))
1512.06.11 Fala and Dareg investigate strange marks on a mountain near Itrelir. Supporters only: ("Scars of Stone (Part 1 of 2)", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1512.06.14 Fala and Dareg investigate mysterious marks on a mountain near Itrelir. Supporters only: ("Scars of Stone (Part 2 of 2)", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration), L. Melis (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1512.07.01 Fala restrings her necklace to accommodate Dareg's affection bead. Supporters only: ("The Strands of Her Necklace", E. Barrette (Writer))
1512.07.10 Dareg and Fala vacation in Smokewater Valley. Dareg has a surprise for Fala. Supporters only: ("The Wander Tent", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1512.09.17 Jerumal has a surprise for Denel. ("City of Lights Pt 1: Ithei", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1513.02.26 Kether's age-set gets ready to take their graduation tests. ("Not Fair", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron), R. Rose (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1513.06.21 Fala helps the makers of Itrelir with an important project. Supporters only: ("Doing the Work", E. Barrette (Writer), P. B. (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1514.04.25 Emeroma has a frank talk with Oranaan. ("Genius", E. Million (Writer), E. Barrette (Editor), M. Goldberg (Editor), N. Robertson (Editor)) Show spoilers.
1514.07.03 Dlujan and his classmates dissect a deathfin carcass for a school project. ("A Monster Project", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1514.07.29 Jakal makes an unexpected friend. ("Red Wedding", E. Million (Writer))
1514.08.18 Assassin-in-training Jakal starts a letter-friendship with Araida. Supporters only: ("A Letter-Friend", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Inspiration))
1515.01.01 Omorth auditions for a place in a Trefoil Dance troupe. ("Drawing the Triangle", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1515.03.03 An incident at a celebration dinner for the City of Lights raises many questions. ("City of Lights Pt 2; Ithai", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1515.05.24 Draiden's attempt to gamble with Oranaan is interrupted. ("Cure or Cause?", E. Million (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron), M. Nelson (Patron), L. Cowie (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1515.06.08 Areluu's age-set faces their last test... ("Spilled", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1515.06.12 Emeroma accepts a dinner engagement with Draiden. ("Cause and Defect", E. Million (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron), M. Nelson (Patron)) .  Oranaan and the "howler" incident. (Part 1) ("Asleep", M. Hebel (Writer))
1515.06.23 Lenarai is just getting used to the idea of being an adult. ("A Lot Like Breathing", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1515.09.02 Oranaan makes another attempt to study the after-effects of anomalies. ("It's Not Magic, It's Science!", E. Barrette (Writer), M. Nelson (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1515.09.28 Bai struggles with a license he can't approve... but wants to. ("Rules are Rules", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron), R. Rose (Inspiration), E. Barrette (Editor))
1515.10.26 Kireg is looking for something specific. Supporters only: ("Smaller", E. Million (Writer))
1516.04.16 Ashegoi teaches Lei about more than just firolk... ("It's Not Just About Firolk", A. Waller (Writer), E. Barrette (Inspiration))
1516.04.29 Dlameda meets Vervani, a possible romantic interest, and lances an infection behind the ear of a snowy stallion. Supporters only: ("Breeding Season", D. Murphy (Writer))
1516.07.03 A typical day for Marai in the infant house. ("A Day of Silence", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Patron), A. Margetts (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1516.07.23 As a hearth-tender, Elsher had many jobs... ("Making Fires", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron))
1516.10.23 Lenarai gets something more than she bargained for when making a deal with Tekoth! ("Band of Ivory", L. Cowie (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1518.09.02 Jerumal helps his little boys build a city out of blocks. ("Building Cities", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1519.02.09 There are many parks in the city of Affamarg. Lassati and Danya each have a favorite. Supporters only: ("The Most Beautiful Fountain in Affamarg", C. Miller (Writer))
1519.03.25 Ruvardu sits by the sea, remembering highlights of her life. ("Tidepool Memories", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration))
1519.06.20 A young snowy finds a treat that bites back... ("An Apple with Kick", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1519.07.13 Akaalekirth starts a new life. ("The Butterfly Girl", D. Murphy (Writer), D. Murphy (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1519.07.24 Denel, Jerumal, and their sons visit the Pearly Towers. ("Reaching for the Moons", E. Barrette (Writer), A. Margetts (Patron), E. Million (Inspiration))
1519.08.05 Akaalekirth isn't sure she can get used to living high in the treetops and to people whose children wander the branches and platforms casually. She doesn't expect one of those children to become her friend. ("A High, Strange Home", D. Murphy (Writer), L. Lawlor (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1519.09.06 Denel and Oranaan meet a cultural schools student while investigating the madness caused by anomalies. ("Crazy", E. Million (Writer), M. Hebel (Patron))
1520.01.03 Akaalekirth falls behind while playing a game with her new sister, and is stranded, lost in the Rainbow Rainforest. ("Chasing the River", D. Murphy (Writer), A. Wehner (Patron), E. Barrette (Inspiration)) Show spoilers..  Orimala and her friends indulge in risky music... ("Finding the Harmony", E. Million (Writer)) .  Kalinam sees her hated rivals sneaking away to a practice room... Supporters only: ("Following the Melody", E. Million (Writer))
1520.01.20 A new hobby sweeps through Iremima's crew. ("Wile Away", E. Million (Writer), M. Ellington (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1520.02.03 Explorers go North on a survey mission ("The Right Man", E. Million (Writer)) .  A body - and many memories - break free in melting spring ice. ("Story Rites", E. Million (Writer), M. Nelson (Patron), E. Million (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1520.02.06 The southern explorers find a ruined city. ("The Forgotten City", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron), E. Barrette (Inspiration), S. Machat (Inspiration))
1520.02.08 Oromaal dies and is mourned in Itadesh. ("Beads and Memories", D. Murphy (Writer)) .  Lenaroth and Lenarai discuss the nature of their names. ("To Name a Reason", L. Cowie (Writer), D. Murphy (Editor)) Show spoilers.
1520.02.14 Rai helps a young customer select a gift. Supporters only: ("Tokens of Appreciation", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.02.21 Taiv enjoys a spring day. ("Heart of the Tree", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron))
1520.02.23 Alainya spots Bayarl's secret springtime pet. ("Wide Sky With Small Critters", D. Murphy (Writer), S. Murphy (Illustration))
1520.03.05 Filor's cousin Lidineyev is doing an experiment, with plans to become a science master even younger than Oranaan. ("The Experiment", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1520.03.14 Lenarai hadn't declared as a gatherer when she graduated with the rest of her age-set, but she knew a plant that was growing where it shouldn't when she saw it. ("A Good Start", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Inspiration), M. Goldberg (Inspiration), D. Murphy (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1520.03.15 Sromaffo introduces a new recipe to spice up his eatery. ("Pickled", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Patron), L. Cowie (Inspiration)) Show spoilers..  An Empire scientist travels to a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, an oasis at the edge of the Crystal Desert. Supporters only: ("Under the Waterfalls", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.03.17 The people in the town Ferelye was born in are uncomfortable with no-gender people, and as Ferelye gets older, ur spends more and more time hiding out on a tall cliff near roi home. Ferelye is the only one around when a monster-damaged ship arrives at the beach below roi family's home. ("Storm Wrack", D. Murphy (Writer), P. B. (Inspiration), J. Heidewald (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1520.03.21 When Rraneffa's life is threatened, Esarrali has to try to find a particular species of frog before it's too late. ("So Many, Many Frogs", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1520.03.26 Esarrali continues to study frogs. Rraneffa finds peril while searching for lizards to cook for dinner. ("Lizard, Lizard", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron))
1520.03.30 Yarleda considers child mortality in the north. ("All the People in the World", D. Murphy (Writer), T. Sturtevant (Patron), H. Burgiel (Inspiration))
1520.04.02 Unafari, a record clerk, notices something odd about a museum display. Supporters only: ("The Shades of Yesterday", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Tovilarn strives to repair the gaslights. ("Fall of Duty", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.05 An excess of bears during the summer of 1520 makes the fish run hazardous. Supporters only: ("Beached Fish", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.08 Dini and Layla long to have children of their own. ("Building a Home", D. Murphy (Writer), A. Loughrin (Patron), L. Cowie (Inspiration), A. Loughrin (Inspiration)) .  A little girl hears an Irfai story about a half-fish maiden. Supporters only: ("The Sea Queen", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Illustration))
1520.04.09 An infection in a snow-unicorn's tail leads to drastic measures. ("Only A Yiirk Bite", E. Million (Writer), T. Sturtevant (Patron), L. Cowie (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.13 An old Slunai woman blesses her granddaughter, Graifiri, and her friend Jorii, to protect them from ghosts as they travel. ("Harp of Feathers", D. Murphy (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron), M. Nelson (Patron))
1520.04.15 Marai and Valoi go to the Raiser Day celebration in summer. ("These Teeth, Like Stars", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Tekura shares a bead with Osro at the summer gather. Supporters only: ("Owlheart", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.16 Ressa brings new news for a local gossip - and gets some of her own! ("Grandma Monster", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.17 Lalya gets called to Bai's office for an interview regarding his application to become, legally, a woman. ("Licensing Interview", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.04.18 Dini tells Lalya about his new role at work, and why he was offered it now. ("A New Role", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.04.19 Dini and Filor go to a Theatre Swap Faire ("The Keraarth Theatre Swap Faire", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.04.23 Jrilii and three of her age-mates remained in Itadesh after becoming adults to care for two young snowies. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part One", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Dulilm and Neteilyu make a business deal. ("Monster Teeth and Art Glass", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.04.25 Marival is bowered in the mountains. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part One", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.26 Jrilii and her companions sight something in the distance! ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part One", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.28 Marli is a friendly fellow, and a bit desperate to sell copies of his gossip rag--as the story opens, he's too broke to buy lunch! ("Marli Knows", D. Murphy (Writer), A. Waller (Inspiration)) .  Osatha gives restaurant leftovers to a couple of runaways. ("Feeding the Hungry - Poor Street Kids", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration)) .  When Osatha comes across a crying teenager, her life gets complicated. Supporters only: ("Feeding the Hungy - The Purist on the Bench", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.04.29 Jrilii and her age-mates continue on the trail of the snow unicorns they saw from a distance. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part Two", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Million (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1520.05.01 The Southern explorers find that not everything goes as it's supposed to... ("Supposed to Be", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Lalya gifts Olarali with a scarf, and offers friendship in return for her fashion advice. Supporters only: ("A Friendship of Fashion", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.05.03 Yarleda and Ivara (and a lot of other people) watch as two age-sets take their final adulthood tests. ("Before the Last Summer Dance", D. Murphy (Writer), K. Tyler (Inspiration))
1520.05.07 Jrilii's presence is missed at the summer gather... ("Song for Jrilii", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.05.08 Rejoining Day is interrupted by sea monsters. ("A Monstrous Feast", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.05.09 Warsailor Brelig meets License Master Alaaffi on a cruise ship. ("Without Fail", E. Barrette (Writer), M. Purisima (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1520.05.13 Jrilii and her friends continue to chase wild snow-unicorns. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part Three", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.05.14 Laisesu is bothered by Marival's death. ("Dying to Do", E. Million (Writer)) .  Laisesu battles the elements to get her dyework done. ("Colors of the Elements", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.05.17 Filor encounters a blinkbird. ("Blinkbirds Are Fast", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.05.24 A repairman comes to service a time crystal storage unit. ("The Repairman", E. Million (Writer), V. Higgins (Inspiration))
1520.05.27 Benaru is deliriously happy to wear the affection bead from Valoi on his necklace, until an accident breaks the necklace, and the bead itself Supporters only: ("A Pretty Pine Bead", D. Murphy (Writer), L. Cowie (Inspiration)) .  Crossing a border, Jrilii and her companions find a beautiful, strange land and the bones and poetry of a man who survived the Upheaval. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part Four", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.05.28 Jrilii and Ortein leave Shraalan and Dalvo at the strange old house, and make one last try to catch a wild snow-unicorn. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part Five", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.05.29 Arfa and Grinos live a routine, humdrum life, but an injury for one and a lucky discovery for the other makes big changes in their lives. ("Modulations", V. Higgins (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.01 Bai meets someone new while out 'wearing the white hat.' ("Paper Butterflies: Only Paper", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Illustration)) Show spoilers..  Baison seeks to soothe his mind and body with Olarali. Supporters only: ("Tainted Words Part 1: The Challenge", L. Cowie (Writer), E. Million (Editor)) Show spoilers..  Bai struggles with the idea of unlicensed Amaroin. ("Paper Butterflies: Paper Trail", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Patron), L. Cowie (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.03 A homecoming is not as happy as hoped for... ("Homecoming", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Shraalan and Dalvo have an adventure of their own while Jrilii and Ortein are off trying to capture a wild snow-unicorn. ("Grin and Bear It", E. Million (Writer), D. Murphy (Writer), L. Cowie (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.04 Kativa and Tolnam take the news of Itadesh back to the other villagers. ("Aftermath of Ashes", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Fala serves as a trail scout while traveling to and from Itadesh. ("Leaves in a Bitter Wind", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.05 The Itadesh healers go into the burnt village to tend and identify the bodies. ("Beads in the Ashes", D. Murphy (Writer)) .  When their mainland teacher walks out in anger, Nefessa and her Duurludirj classmates must decide what to do about the assignment. Supporters only: ("Velvet Monsters and Ribbon Waves", D. Murphy (Writer), D. Murphy (Illustration))
1520.06.06 Jrilii has one day to try to establish enough trust to save the stranded wild unicorn filly. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part Six", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.06.07 A blinkbird pin is inspected by Unafari. Supporters only: ("The Gaudy Eye", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Ivara searches the ashes of Itadesh. ("Laisesu's Blues", D. Murphy (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron)) Show spoilers..  Jrilii and Goldie need a way across the river, but they continue to find rapids as they walk downstream. ("Wild Snowy Chase, Part Seven", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.06.08 Olarali pries into Baison's work... and finds a crack in his armor. Supporters only: ("Tainted Words Part 2: The Solution", L. Cowie (Writer), E. Million (Editor)) Show spoilers..  The ashes of Itadesh stir up old memories as Birka and Fala figure out what happened to the village. ("The Secret Scroll", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) .  Brelig works in a museum while recovering from a sea monster fight. ("The Museum of Mortality (Part 1 of 2)", E. Barrette (Writer), A. Margetts (Patron), P. B. (Inspiration), M. Goldberg (Inspiration), E. Million (Inspiration), D. Murphy (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.09 Tekura returns to Itrelir after the summer gather and finds Osro working on the new storehouse. ("Winterheart (Part 1 of 3)", E. Barrette (Writer), L. Lawlor (Illustration)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.10 Mirsa ponders the art of taxidermy while cutting Draiden's hair. ("Not Your Everyday Scissors", M. Nelson (Writer))
1520.06.13 Tiklai meets Lalya. ("Simple Questions", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.06.15 Draiden engages in a friendly bet. ("A License to Gamble Pt. 1: The Bet", M. Nelson (Writer)) .  Draiden uses his charm on a young scientist. ("A License to Gamble Pt. 2: The Game", M. Nelson (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.16 Olarali shares the information she's found out about Bai. Supporters only: ("Tainted Words Part 3: The Reward", L. Cowie (Writer), E. Million (Editor)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.17 An employee of the Empire goes to work. ("Say No To The Empire", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.18 Lassati's employees try to change her style... ("Dress Code", E. Million (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.19 A citizen of the Empire dreams of a better job. ("Railcrazy", E. Million (Writer)) .  A mother tells her 10-year-old daughter the story of her birth. ("We Shape Our Lives Like Clay", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.06.20 Jelnora and Abom take a course in parenting. Supporters only: ("The Empire Trusts You", E. Barrette (Writer)) Show spoilers..  The long trip to Itadesh is hard on Marda. ("The Last Walk", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Brelig works hard to regain his stamina for warsailor work. ("The Museum of Mortality (Part 2 of 2)", E. Barrette (Writer), A. Margetts (Patron), P. B. (Inspiration), M. Goldberg (Inspiration), E. Million (Inspiration), D. Murphy (Inspiration), E. Million (Illustration))
1520.06.21 Despite personal dislike, Noithil goes out of his way to rescue a skycat. ("The Reluctant Rescue", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.23 Kativa, Kether and Tolnam arrive at Itrelir and meet some old friends. ("Arriving in Itrelir", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.06.28 A confrontation on the seas leads to experimentation with a new weapon. ("A Little Luck", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron))
1520.07.01 Aliffifi runs into Ashegoi after a client calls off their appointment, Ashegoi takes her to meet a new leatherworker from Affanumuur. Supporters only: ("A Promise of Leather", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.07.05 A warsailor has to be wary and canny... ("What a Warsailor Has To Be", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1520.07.09 When Lalya at last gets the official envelope from the Licensing Office, he finds he's as nervous as anyone else about opening it. ("Melomel and Nutterjell", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.07.11 It's time for Lalya to clean out the closet and go to the autumn swap faire. ("Autumn, Apparel, and Acorn Day", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.07.12 Olarali and Jarl have a final moment before parting. Supporters only: ("Tainted Words Part 5: Not So Sweet Partings", L. Cowie (Writer), E. Million (Editor), Miles McGuire) Show spoilers..  Ashrein and her daughters settle in Tifijimi. ("Beachfront Propriety", E. Barrette (Writer), K. Webb (Inspiration)) Show spoilers.
1520.07.15 All is not settled yet with unlicensed Amaroin... ("Paper Butterflies: Proof", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Illustration)) Show spoilers..  Ashegoi and Aliffifi have a special outing, starting at Uglurituq. ("A Schoolgirl's Night Out", D. Murphy (Writer)) .  Lenarai distributes scarce resources and a lesson on manners. ("Sharing a Round", E. Barrette (Writer), L. Cowie (Inspiration))
1520.07.17 The life of a cripple in the Empire isn't exactly what you might think... ("Pretending", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron), V. Higgins (Illustration))
1520.07.19 Yeff gets an employment offer that he can't refuse... ("Railrage", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Patron)) Show spoilers..  Emeroma and Oranaan search for answers to the problems plaguing the City of Lights. ("Lightning Strikes", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  The Land Priestesses discuss various matters of concern, including Olarali, Jarl, and Lalya. Supporters only: ("Interlude with Waterfall and Honeyed Nuts", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Million (Illustration))
1520.07.21 Someone cleans Bai's desk, and his brother Rai helps him deal with the aftermath. ("Swept Away", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers..  Dini and Lalya meet with Laishlenar Company's director, stage manager, and tailor. ("The Perfect Dress", D. Murphy (Writer), P. B. (Inspiration), E. Barrette (Inspiration))
1520.07.28 Rilaru and Mlanami try to convince Oranaan that Purists are to blame for sabotaging the City of Lights. Supporters only: ("Madness", D. Murphy (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.08.07 Ren and his pregnant wife, Lithra, are being evacuated from the City of Lights. ("Unseen Perils", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration))
1520.08.11 An eclipse causes many different reactions. ("Darkening Skies", E. Million (Writer), M. Ellington (Patron))
1520.08.15 Teibev mourns his losses as he prepares to leave the City of Lights. ("Nomess Mithoirarv", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Patron), E. Million (Inspiration))
1520.08.17 Jarl puts his blackmail plot against the License Master into action... ("Railroaded", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.08.18 Ressa dresses up for a date. ("Railchange", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Patron)) Show spoilers..  Ressa and Yeff go back to her apartment... ("Railcrossing", E. Million (Writer), L. Cowie (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1520.08.21 Unafari helps plan the costumes for a Trefoil Dance performance. ("Dusting Off the Green Speech (Part 1)", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Illustration))
1520.08.28 Oranaan gives a speech on safety to a bunch of schoolkids. ("The Making of a Scientist 1: Safety Lecture", D. Murphy (Writer)) .  Oranaan, having found Lidineyev, meets Amaroin and makes plans to continue the beer barrel experiments. Supporters only: ("The Making of a Scientist 2: An Experiment In the Park", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.08.30 Dramanar has pointed questions for Denel following the eclipse riots. ("Finding Fear", E. Million (Writer))
1520.09.08 Kativa and Kether make flowers for Flower Day. Supporters only: ("Making Flowers", E. Million (Writer))
1520.09.13 Children in different parts of the world ask for exciting stories of the dangers they may face as adults. ("Story Time in Torn World", D. Murphy (Writer))
1520.09.14 A Mayaloi teacher and her student reflect on teaching and tourists as they wait to give tours of the Rainbow Rainforest. ("An Hour's Worth of History", D. Murphy (Writer)) .  Birka, Tiren and Kireg return to Itrelir after a particularly long winter trip. ("Out of the Snow", E. Million (Writer), E. Barrette (Inspiration), E. Million (Illustration))
1520.09.16 Fala tells a story about the Ancients, inspired by an eclipse. ("The Sky Rangers", E. Barrette (Writer), M. Ellington (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1520.09.27 Explorers find something unexpected in the snow. ("The Wrong Kind of Snow", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Malaamig finds the source of the 'smoke' he spotted. ("Out of Steam, Part 1", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.09.28 Ressa witnesses a rite of passage. ("Moon Blossom Ritual", E. Million (Writer))
1520.09.29 Lereterli asks Akaalekirth to become her sister. ("A High, Strange Home", D. Murphy (Writer), L. Lawlor (Illustration)) Show spoilers..  Malaamig thinks he's dreaming when the woman walks out of the steam... ("Out of Steam, Part 2", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Malaamig's long journey and hot soak have taken their toll. ("Out of Steam, Part 3", E. Million (Writer)) .  Malaamig meets more of the northern people. ("Out of Steam, Part 4", E. Million (Writer)) .  The Notherners react to the newcomer. ("Breaking Trail, Part 1", E. Million (Writer))
1520.09.30 Malaamig wakes in the strange northern village. ("Breaking Trail, Part 2", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Dareg is eager to get to Smokewater when he's hailed by another rider. Supporters only: ("Turned Back", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Birka leads a party out to collect the remaining southern explorers. ("Breaking Trail, Part 3", E. Million (Writer)) .  Alone in their camp, Diren regrets their journey and fears for their future. ("Holding Down the Camp", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Margaa's feverish dreams... ("Fever Dreams", E. Million (Writer)) .  Birka's party gets to the southern camp - an arrival complicated by darkness! ("Meetings in the Dark", E. Million (Writer))
1520.10.01 Birka and Malaamig exchange information. ("Milk in the Morning", E. Million (Writer)) .  Kativa interacts with the strangers from the south. ("Waking in Strange Places", E. Million (Writer))
1520.10.02 Northerners look at southern maps for the first time. ("At the Edges of the Maps, Part 1", E. Million (Writer)) .  Birka wishes to go on a journey to the south... and she knows who she'd like to take with her! ("At the Edges of the Maps, Part 2", E. Million (Writer)) .  Taiv ponders her relationship with Anler. ("Duty Bound", L. Lawlor (Writer))
1520.10.05 Akaalekirth settles into her new life. ("Kin and Ink", E. Million (Writer), A. Margetts (Patron))
1520.10.09 Arremina got her climbing lessons--now there's a final exam. And then a race! ("A Handhold on Life", D. Murphy (Writer), M. Goldberg (Patron)) Show spoilers..  Unafari helps plan the costumes for a Trefoil Dance performance. ("Dusting Off the Green Speech (Part 2)", E. Barrette (Writer))
1520.10.10 A boy in the Empire finds it hard following different rules. ("Believing", E. Million (Writer))
1520.10.11 Kivegei wants an everything license... but is his brother only teasing him? ("An Everything License", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) .  Malaamig watches the Northerners decide who to send south. ("Three To Go South", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.10.17 Dorom, Ereil, and Amaqor go ice-fishing near Itakith. Supporters only: ("Catch and Release", E. Barrette (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration)) Show spoilers..  Birka advises Kativa in matters of love. Supporters only: ("Pressure", E. Million (Writer))
1520.10.18 Tikite brings news of the people chosen to go south. ("Chosen", E. Million (Writer))
1520.10.21 Denel has spent the last five years on the City of Lights project... ("City of Lights Pt 3; Ithoi", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.10.26 Ressa and Bai continue to be unwitting pawns in Jarl's manipulations. ("On Rails", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Birka, Anler and Tiren set out across Lichenwold. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 1 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Birka, Tiren, and Anler encounter their first obstacle in Lichenwold. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 2 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer)) Show spoilers..  The Lichenwold travelers use teamwork to cross a frozen river. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 3 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer))
1520.10.27 The explorers venture deeper into Lichenwold. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 4 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1520.10.28 An agent of the Empire infiltrates a meeting of discontent cripples. ("Under Cover", E. Million (Writer), E. Barrette (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1521.00.01 Bai shows up at the theatre alone - to find that he's not the only one who has been stood up for the evening! ("Railplay, Pt 1", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  Bai escorts Ressa for the remainder of the play... ("Railplay, Pt 2", E. Million (Writer))
1521.00.02 Olarli fumes. ("It's the Little Things", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron)) Show spoilers.
1521.00.04 A third railrage murder is found. ("Don't Say Murder", E. Million (Writer), E. Cammarota (Patron), D. Murphy (Inspiration))
1521.00.05 Birka, Tiren and Anler are caught in a blizzard. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 5 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1521.01.03 With supplies running low and tensions growing, Anler makes an unwise decision. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 6 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1521.01.06 Jarl sends his first blackmail demand to Bai. ("Blackrail", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1521.01.10 The Lichenwold travelers' situation grows desperate as they run dangerously low on supplies. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 7 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer)) .  Disaster! Caught in an avalanche, the travelers struggle to survive. ("The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 8 of 8)", L. Lawlor (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1521.01.19 Bai gives a speech at his sister's charity ball and helps her collect donations... and one comes from an unexpected source. ("Railfashions Part 1", E. Million (Writer), E. Barrette (Inspiration)) .  Ressa navigates Alikara's party - and finds that her donation has made her a person of interest to Bai's sister. ("Railfashions Part 2", E. Million (Writer)) .  Bai and Ressa play a duet. ("Railfashions Part 3", E. Million (Writer)) .  A kiss and a confession... ("Railfashions Part 4", E. Million (Writer))
1521.01.20 Alikara's party winds to an unexpected end. ("Railfashions Part 5", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1521.01.21 Oranaan invited Rai-Kunabei to Affamarg to see if her experiences in the mountains can shed any light on the anomalies. ("The Shaman and the Scientist", D. Murphy (Writer), E. Million (Inspiration))
1521.01.23 Ressa gets more bad news. ("Jumping the Rails Part 1", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers..  A betrayal. ("Jumping the Rails Part 2", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.
1521.01.25 Rai and Bai consider the evidence they've been gathering. ("Following the Rails", E. Million (Writer))
1521.01.28 A test of wills... and a guess. ("Railbrakes", E. Million (Writer)) .  A friend brings Bai disturbing evidence. ("Rail Betrayal", E. Million (Writer)) .  Who could Bai believe? ("Safety Rails Part 2", E. Million (Writer))
1521.02.01 Ressa and Bai plot their next step... and are interrupted by a summons. ("End of the Rails Part 1", E. Million (Writer)) .  Ressa is escorted to the Monitors Office... ("End of the Rails Part 2", E. Million (Writer))
1521.02.04 An ending... for now. ("End of the Rails Part 3", E. Million (Writer))
1521.02.24 Olyen goes looking for a useful friendship. ("Scheming a Friendship", E. Million (Writer)) Show spoilers.

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