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Comments on 'Beads and Memories'

Please note: These comments are the personal opinons of members, and do not represent any sort of official judgement, even if they are made by people in club management.  Everyone deserves respect for their creativity; but if you find a critical comment on one of your works, please don't take it personally.  On the other hand, personal attacks are not tolerated and any comment containing them will be deleted as soon as we discover it!

PeggyBReally interesting insight into Northern life and their culture. Great idea to show how they handle death from a children`s point of view!
Amelia MargettsEchoing the comments appreciating death as a part of life here. I especially the exchange between Kalitelm and Alainya at the beginning--death is a hard lesson to learn.
Elizabeth BarretteI like how this story shows death as a part of life, especially community life. It shows how people can work together to provide a good death, and a good memorial, without dismissing the grief that is a natural part of such proceedings.
Ellen MillionThis is so lovely and touching - it's a wonderful look at the Northern culture!
Valerie Joanne HigginsI saw the forum discussion. This brings the concepts to life beautifully and makes them real and human. I could believe that this was a memoir of real people following a cherished tradition. Lovely!
Lorna (Comtessa)I loved this. The idea of sharing the bead is a simple yet perfect one. Sharing memories that will stay with people through their lives. I loved the necklace and bead descriptions and the child is adorable!
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