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Comments on 'Three To Go South'

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Holly H.First, the description of Malaamig’s cold is SO evocative! I was sick with something very similar a few weeks ago and the memory is still vivid. I also thought it was interesting and sort of sweet how Malaamig admitted to himself that he wanted to keep Diren and Margaa as close as possible. It’s a nice introspective detail.

I *adore* the saying, “too many tails on that yiirk”. :D

An aside of Malaamig’s thoughts that made me wonder: he thinks of Birka’s literacy giving her “an advantage over other Purists”, and what made me wonder was the “other”. Is it that for some reason he is thinking of the Northerners as having something in common with the Purists? Is he categorizing them that way… and is that at all accurate? (Having found out more now about Purists, I’m still kind of wondering about this reflexive categorization. If Purists are those who have rejected the Empire in favor of keeping their own cultures “pure”... Malaamig can’t know yet whether the Northerners will make that decision, or not.)

It was an interesting twist to find that they’re really going to send three Northerners south without any of the Southern party going with them. I wasn’t quite expecting that. Not that the Southerners are needed to find the way (since they didn’t come that way in the first place), but just for the introductions one of them would be able to make to others in the Empire, and their knowledge of the culture in general. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes!

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