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Comments on 'An Afternoon Made of Stories'

Please note: These comments are the personal opinons of members, and do not represent any sort of official judgement, even if they are made by people in club management.  Everyone deserves respect for their creativity; but if you find a critical comment on one of your works, please don't take it personally.  On the other hand, personal attacks are not tolerated and any comment containing them will be deleted as soon as we discover it!

Holly H.I enjoyed how this was a mixture of exciting action, and lots of really interesting background info. (SUPER interesting to see an Other in action, as it were. That’s the first time I’ve seen that.) It’s always fun to see characters as little kids, even though here they are on the cusp of doing more adult things. I liked the characterization of Marai and Dlameda; I didn’t get as much of a sense of Inama this time out. It was nice to see that Marai being deaf does not hold her back from talking back to her elders if she feels she has to! And Dlameda was as impetuous and adventure-seeking as I’d expect of a boy of nearly 10.

One question I did have was about the snow-cat’s attack. Was it in fact trying to attack Marai (the smaller target), and just started biting the snowy because it was tangled in the tack / that’s what was left? Because otherwise, I would have thought a snowy would be such big prey that a snow-cat would not think of trying to take an adult. (I wouldn’t think its jaws were even big enough to truly do damage to any vital, life-threatening part of the snowy.) Snow-cats are more lynx-sized, yes? (They’re not as big as a cougar, if memory serves?) Regardless, though, I *can* imagine that it’s a real danger of their deciding that the rider is a likely target, especially when the rider is a little kid.

PeggyBGreat to see a story about the Others. I like the behaviour of the kids here and Dlamedas fearlessness.
Ellen MillionHorrah! It's fabulous to see the Others in print, and this is a great look at northern life. :)
Lorna (Comtessa)Loved this! Was a wonderful adventure out and about!
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